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Sharingan's effect on Uchiha

I thought of this a while ago, after Sasuke left to go to Orochimaru...

Sharingan's Effect on Uchiha:

I believe that there are two main negative effects to using the Sharingan: Loss of sight and insanity.

Loss of sight: Already covered in another guide by the_fat_alchemist.


The sharingan's most famous feature is its ability to copy ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, but this isnt particularly a good thing...

This shows that the Sharingan directly effects the memory of the user, causing them to remember more details than they normally would while it is activated. Now, if used in moderation this wont do (much) damage, but if it is used frequently than there will be a constant excess of information flowing into the users brain. There is a problem with this though, because we have not seen any evidence that the Sharingan changes the users mind to help them cope with this extra flow of information...

Picture a baloon with a small hole in it, this will be a normal brain. There is a flow of information (air) into the baloon, but the hole in it allows the useless information to drain out, since the flow of information (air) is similar to the drain of information. However, the Sharingan increases the income of air, not the drain of it, so when someone uses a Sharingan there is some tolerance, some room for the baloon to expand... but eventually, there will be too much air (information) in it and it will break.

Kakashi is an example of one who uses their sharingan responsibly... he uses it in moderation, allowing time for the excess information (air) to flow out of the brain (balloon) to flow out... however there is still a slight stress on the brain, which probably manefests itself as a slight obsession (Icha Icha Paradice.)

Sasuke and Itachi, however, both overuse their Sharingan, and dont allow time for the excess information to flow out, so their brains are under great stress...

Meh, I could be compleatly wrong, but who cares... it would explain why Itachi slaughtered his clan, and why Sasuke betrayed Konoha...

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