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Characters you can see with Naruto characters

Naruto characters you can see with other characters or if you can't think if any other characters to pair off with Naruto characters just pair off the Naruto characters together or just do both. Here are my pairings:

>Naruto and Anita: I like this pairing because it seem like it could work, although it seems like neither of the two would get along in the beginning but would start to like each other *Anita from R.O.D The TV*

>Sasuke and Raven: I see these two together because it seems like they would both get along very well even though Raven is older than Sasuke. *Raven from Teen Titans*

>Gaara and Raven: I know you all are thinking Gaara and Raven but i think this could work, only if Gaara was older or Raven was younger, because it seems both Gaara and Raven would understand each other and i think Raven would take the liking of Gaara

>Hinata and Kohaku: I just thought about this pairing so i don't have much to say about this pairing *Kohaku from Inuyasha*

>Hinata and Junior: I also just thought about this pairing and i like it because they both are shy characters *Junior from R.O.D The TV*

>Shikamaru and Temari: I've always like this pairing

>Shikamaru and That girl from Love Hina (the other main character love-interest). The one who's always falling asleep standing up: I say this pairing because they both seem lazy

>Lee and Sakura: I like this pairing better than the SakuSasu pairing because Lee is a really nice guy and he really cares about Sakura.

>Kiba and Hinata: I'm starting to like this pairing better than the NaruHina pairing because Kiba seems better for Hinata. (I'm over the NaruHina pairing because Naruto makes me mad because he's too thick-headed to realize that Hinata likes him)

>Sasuke and Pan: I like this pairing, they're both really strong (well Pan is way stronger than Sasuke) and it seems like Pan might not like Sasuke at first but then she might grow to like him and the same for Sasuke and besides i doubt that Sasuke will think Pan is annoying like he did Sakura *Pan from Dragonball GT*

>Itachi and Kagura: I don't really know why i just thought about this pairing and i kind of like it

I have more pairings but most of them aren't Naruto pairings but if i can think of any more i'll post them
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