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I think the super soakers were a bit over the edge!!!!

Curious: How many of you out there watch PBS Kids on a regular basis? Probably not too many, but if you do, that's perfectly fine. I'm a fan of Arthur myself. I do, however, think most of us here agree that the shows on PBS Kids are in fact, meant for kids ages of around 6 and under. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume most people here do not fall into that age category. Or do you? 4kids sure thinks you do. In fact, 4kids thinks you're more sensitive and more stupid than most PBS Kids regular viewers. PBS kids will show things that the dubbed version of One Piece won't show because they know their viewers aren't idiots living in a fairy tale land. They also understand that when people get cut, they bleed. 4kids won't have any of that in their shows. Then again, what do you expect from a company who's president says kids don't even know what anime is and that lables like "anime" are for adults. I'm going to split this section into a few smaller sections for easier reading, and even bring up points that shows how much grown up even PBS and other cartoons are to 4kids.


If all you've seen is the 4kids episodes, to see them covered in blood may shock you a bit. Do they make you want to burry your face into a pillow, cry yourself to sleep or kill yourself? Of course not! Apparently though, that's what 4kids must think because they never show blood in their shows, including One Piece. Maybe you don't really care for blood, in that case, I'd tell you to stay away from One Piece completely. One Piece contains a lot of blood because of all the fighting that goes on.
Others may think blood isn't appropriate for children. Well, I can recall two episodes of Arthur that showed blood. Albeit it wasn't as much blood as the pictures shown above, it was still there. So, PBS kids knows that blood isn't something that children are too sensitive to see or are afraid of. And who's going to be to blame when kids start stabbing each other because, "When it happened to Zolo on TV, he didn't bleed." Maybe that's too far, but if kids copy what they see on Jackass, it wouldn't surprise me.


4kids refuses to show any characters' deaths on the show, no matter how important it is to the plot. Okay, death is not something that you can say "is not for kids." In the words of Luffy, people die. Let's also not forget there was a Sesame Street episode that taught kids about death when Mr. Hooper died. Many G rated movies have shown death as well. Simba's dad died in the Lion King, and remember Bambi's mother? So there's no reason to hide it from young ones. It's good to teach kids about things like death because it's a part of life. For those of you out there who have only seen the 4kids version of One Piece, you've missed out a few character deaths that 4kids covered up. These particular deaths were important to get to know the main characters better, So why does 4kids hide it? I said it before and I'll say it again, "BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU'RE STUPID!"

Perhaps a few of you still don't believe me or don't think it's that big of a deal. After all death and blood can have a bad impact on kids. But wait, there's more that's been cut!


Remember the old Mickey Mouse cartoons where Pete would have a big cigar in his mouth? Or the old Loony Tunes where someone would fall into a jug of whine and come out all drunk and tipsey turvey and it was funny? Well those days are over folks! 4kids takes out every single cigerette and cigar in the series. Sanji who smokes constantly in the series, now sports a lollipop. A cherry lollipop no less! And don't count on anyone getting drunk or having any fun at all because all the sake in the series has been changed to "juice." Apple juice! Grape Juice! Cherry Juice! All kinds of juice. Obviously if the kids see their heroes drinking juice, they'll drink it to... or something... I have no idea what 4kids was thinking here. Just because kids see beer on TV doesn't mean they'll drink it. Just because kids see someone smoking on TV, doesn't mean they'll do it.
And say goodbye to guns. Every gun in the series has been changed to a toy looking object that, at the worst, shoots lazers. Kids are not as impressionable as 4kids thinks. If they were, we'd have kids outside killing each other with hammers on springs.. Even though guns have been allowed in G rated movies (remember Bambi's mother?) and other Y7 shows (Gargoyles anyone? Or perhaps even BUGS BUNNY!) 4kids will have no part in it. In fact, in a few situations the guns HAVE been replaced with toys such as cork guns. Personally I think this is just plain going too far. Even little kids are not stupid to believe these fearless pirates are afraid of cork guns and if they are, then they shouldn't be smart enough to turn on a TV.
Now I will admit this is stuff PBS kids would also not show, but on the other hand, PBS kids doens't take shows from Japan and rape them up the ass. At least PBS Kids has shows that treats kids like they're smart and that they can learn. Cork guns and lollipops are just insluting

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