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There is one big problem with the dub, as i see it, Naruto already has a large built in fanbase, and i feel as if they didn't take these fans into consideration at all when making this dubb, they just took us for granted, and aimed the show to attract a new audience, a younger audience it would seem. The voice acting is of course terrible, yet i agree with most of you that Zabuza's was good, but i still don't think it fits, just think to when Haku dies, i don't see spike pulling that off well. And censorship is staring to make an impact, not showing Naruto's hand when he stabbed himself wih the kunai completely took away the impact of the scene, i just wondered what they're going to do when Gaara starts killing people. Ha another thing i just read is the first Naruto DVD will come out March 28th(dont know if this has been said yet), it will be the editted TV version, with only 1 language, the uneditted version will come out sometime later on in the year. that basically means they don't want all those little kids parents to go out and buy them a DVD that has blood on it, and the current fanbase can wait.
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