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haha that funny ((: hmm..something my school there is a science teacher and his name is Mr. Tang. so once in the canteen we were eating and he went to some table nearby with other teachers and my friend said thank you[guess she pronounced it abit off and it sounded like tank(thank) you] to another friends quite loudly and he turned around o_O....we were laughing at it....then somebody purposely said thank you out loud and he turned around again xDDD hmm..guess ut doesn't sound as funny in words but it was really funny at day

another a little funny ot rather dumb thing is sometimes in my group of friends, one of them is pretty lame and she made us run up the stairs all the way to the top and the last person to reach is a pig o_O we would laugh all the way up and we wouldn't be able to run properly. haha i don't know why though xDDD

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