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ok...I also posted this to my "craziest thing/s..." thread.

it was the time when I suddenly hugged a girl whom I thought was my friend from behind. She looked like my friend in the back voew, and I always hug immediately to the certain friend when I see her.

I was like "Jean!!!" *hug* but when the girl tuned around, I was like O_O *oopsie*, so that I won't be obvious, I chatted with and told her about a funny experience earlier that day...she was like "ok(?)" and I kept on going. after, I hugged her again, and told her "see yah around" ^__~ *waves*

she was like o_O; ??? *also waved back*

lol...^_________^ she must've really been dumfounded. lol...I can't get her look out of my head...she was really like O_o;? lol

I'm such a great actress! BRAVO! lol

Let me be with you gaara-kun...*hugs*

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