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Episode 156 (Spoilers)

This was a pretty boring episode nothing important really happened just a prolonged fight with Raiga that will continue to the next episode. I also didn't like the ever changing animation style in this episode I would prefer them to pick one and stick with it through an episode and not jump back and forth. I just felt like this episode really dragged on forever for the 20 plus minutes, I even considered skipping some of the episode because it was so disinteresting. Naruto continued to do his kage bunshin and Neji was just about to show his usefulness again but was stopped. The best part of the whole episode lasted for like 4 seconds when Lee fought without his weights on, although he took them off differently than before. Also Lee really didn't move that fast for someone who had a huge weight lifted from there body, I know it is lightning but he just didn't seem that fast to me when fighting. I was aso VERY annoyed with Karashi, I can't stand scary people, toughen up your a man if your going to be scared alright fine then, but don't be scared over every little thing that happens, a pebble falls and he basically jumps. Another thing I wanted to know is if Naruto is in so much danger or so hurt why not call on the nine tails for help, instead of laying there possibly about to die. I can understand why Neji is laying there because he is human but Naruto has a demon residing in him and he is not making that apparent. If this is what we can expect from fillers then lets keep it moving then in the direction of the manga, I am definitely not asking for the Kakashi Gaiden but the current arc in the manga has a lot of potentional when it is animated.
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