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I guess when naruto stabbed himself in the hand that was Cherry Kool-Aid coming out.

I guess it was Kool-Aid too when Iruka got stabbed in the back. I guess it was kool-aid when he got stabbed in the thigh too.

I guess when Kakashi said his friends died he meant that they went to fake o miracle land.

I guess that brown bottle that man had that was shaped like the beer bottle had water in it. Even though he was drowzy

At least they are teaching us that the blood is realistic. Like when Iruka got stabbed in the back. If you did that in real life it is going to be just like the dubb. You are not going to be spraying blood everywhere. It will dripp but not going to be everywhere You kids need to learn that life is not like that. I got stabbed in the face by my sister a half a inch deep and about a inch wide but it just slowly ran down my cheek. It didn't even get on the floor or everywhere. I could see the flesh the wound was so deep.You need to know they just don't want it to be non realistic. I wasn't spraying blood everywhere and it wasn't all over the walls and stuff.

This was a great dubb. THe only way you could have thoaght of this as a bad dubb was if you were too busy looking at the negitive than the positive. DO you really have to have excess blood? Better be thankful they left some of the blood in.

I thoaght you loved it for the story, not the blood in it. We don't sound Japanese here in America so you can't expect it to be the same for the dubb.

My cousin is not a little kid. He is in the 9th grade like me and he is a football player.(running back) He thoaght it was great! He was never intrested in it when I always tryed to show him the manga. Now he wants me to bring all my issues of Shonen Jump to his house so he can read them. This attracted teens and kids alike!

What is the world coming too today! All kids want is blood, cursing and gore. THink about the story and not the amount of blood in it.

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