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Originally Posted by shiek
I thoaght you loved it for the story, not the blood in it. We don't sound Japanese here in America so you can't expect it to be the same for the dubb
First off even though they showed the blood in the scene where naruto stabs his hand, they didn't show him stabbing his hand, they took away the impact of the scene and left something only implied. And dude this is a japanese anime, americanizing it is bound to make it worse, when you try to change the culture of the show, it messes up alot of things, and even without that, the english VA's cannot deliver the emotion performances of the original, it sounds forced and sometimes robotic, they've stuck with some of the japanese names for things, but they say all those things without accentuating the words, japanese words don't sound right pronounced as english. You say people who don't like it only look at the negative things, and not the positive, the only positive thing there is about this is it could have been worse, i mean it's imcomprehensible to me why you have so adamantly stuck up for this dub, i mean i probably only see negative things because i have something to compare it too, it's not like this is an original american show that i'm attacking for being too childish, there is an original which will always surpass the dub, even when dubs are made really good, the original is 99% of the time better, unfortunetly this dub was not well made, it's become the new yugioh. Do you honestly believe i didn't want it to be good, and i'm just attacking it because i don't really like naruto at all? You also made a lot of points about there being blood....dude, that blood was all in the original too, stop saying there was blood like this was an added on by the american production crew. And as far as blood and gore being important to a story, it's not, but this story has blood in it, and removing it can effect the seriousness of a scene. I suppose your also pleased to hear that the naruto DVD will be the editted, english language version only, right?
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