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Originally Posted by shiek
How are they marketing it to children?
SO it has to show naruto stabbing himself in order to not be "kiddie?"

All of you better be thankful since the show is on Toonami the Naruto games are coming to America!!!!!

NARUTO: CLASH OF NINJA IS GOING TO BE SWEET! ( it is the first Naruto Gamecube game)
First off i agree that the games coming here is good, although i don't see how that has anything to do with Toonami, because last time i checked Toonami doesn't license games, but i may be wrong. And yes in this case not showing Naruto stab himself does indeed make it "kiddie", how old must one be to witness such an act? It's just there is violence in this show, and what other reason is there to remove it, it's targeted towards little kids.
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