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Originally Posted by Rocketboy
Ok, so I am a newbie, (Or a n00b to some of you because I'm a fan of the dub.) And I really do like the dub. The only thing that irks me about it is the OP and ED were taken, As for no blood, I can REALLY live with that, as blood really dosen't matter to me, and about Naruto stabbing his hand, you all act like it never happened! So to those who said that, did Naruto's hand bleed by falling? But of course, all of my fears of voices were mainly "First-episode-itis." But I'm sure that none of that matters (Except for the voices.) to you, since I'm sure that the Naruto fans you are, you mainly watch it for the characters and the story instead of the blood and music.

I'm happily waiting for the uncut edition in July.
First off not showing Naruto stab his hand totally takes away the impact of that scene, and it's in that scene he comes up with "way of the ninja". I'm not someone who only likes something for the blood in it, it's not like i'm saying i don't like Naruto because it doesn't have blood in it, although i don't have too either since naruto does have blood in it. And actually they do show some blood, but they're censoring it, and the reason they are is because little children cannot see violence. Yet this is a show with violence, with a lot of violence, you say naruto fans watch this not for the blood and music, but the story, and characters, it's true, which is exactly why i don't like this dub, the bad voice's mess up the characters for me, the censorship is having a adverse effect on the story. So i've giving up on the dub, but since they're marketing for children, the first DVD is going to be the toonami version, only in english, you say your waiting happily for the uncut DVD, i assume to mean the dual language, uncut one, but that's just the first 4 episodes, and if they have to release to editted one first everytime, how long is it going to take to really start collecting this series?
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