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Originally Posted by young naruto315
no drugs should be legalized..NONE!!!... i know waht happens when you do them and its worse than death or cancer....losing your entire chidhood memories...
um...right! First off you will not loose all of your memories as a have no idea where you got this. Also not legalizing them only allows for the bed people to control the market. Heroine is cheaper now than it was 50 years ago. Also when you put something like that without regulations into the hands of dealers etc you are funding them but also supporting them. I am sure you know what happened when we tried to ban alcohol...choas..we had more deaths and trouble back then than ever. Ask any professor in criminology...drugs like marijuana etc not only do not harm anyone but it is better to allow the government to control them than dealers.

Also, marijuana is NOT a gateway drug...that is crap. Studies show that most of the time people go in that direction of thier own accord. Plus we are locking up so called "criminals" who are people like me and you...go after some REAL criminals. We waste billions of dollards to stop this when we can profit from this. How would you like to get a markup of over 7 billion dollars.

"To remove liberty from will is to remove morality from one's acts"

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