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Originally Posted by Black Rose
I agree with Shino almost 100%
(There's a slight .2% on some of the things he said.)
Which are...

Anyways although I do not advocate legalizing ALL drugs I dont advocate against it.

Also, for reference you cannot overdose from marijuana unless maybe you smoke soooo much that...I have no clue.

It's a FACT marijuana is simply not toxic enough to cause sufficient damage to kill someone...maybe seriously harm them but not kill. NO one has been killed thus far and although not full proof it is pretty reasonable to agree that many people have probably done almost everything with weeb thus far.

I am not sure what Shino meant but I think he was refering to other drugs but just in case...

EDIT: Sry confused! -.-'

"To remove liberty from will is to remove morality from one's acts"

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