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Originally Posted by Black Rose
Okay. I'm gonna come out and say it.

Hi, my name is Rose Reaper and I like pot. I smoke it at least three times a week and I live a perfectly normal life. There's nothing wrong with it and I'm not ashamed.
They use false statments about drugs on t.v.. You do not commit awful crimes when you're high. I think that pot is good for you, it helps the mind and body. Some drugs should never be used such as acid or crack because that can really do damage. Or at least, that is what I think.
I agree. Pot is nothing like acid, sure to much of it can be but still not as bad. Smoking it like once or twice a week is not wrong but I think healthy. Now, going around like they portray on t.v. is a little over board, but even then it's exaggeratted. Everyone reacts to it differently and I see no harm in it. I do it to, hell more than her and I'm fine. It helps me relax and deal with life. (I'm a very angry girl) But I'm not going around stealing money off my grandmother to get a quick buzz, if I don't have money I just sit and read. I'm fine with or without it and I stand behind the legalization anyday. Those people are hypocryts(sp) up in office. I bet that they smoke more dope in one hour than I do in a week.
And like Rose said before, the more ban stickers you put on something the more people are gonna do it. Like the forbbidden fruit. We can't resist tasting the one thing we are not allowed to have because we think that it makes it all the sweeter. So, my theory is that a lot of teens and junk won't think it cool anymore by making it legal, so there's less people right there. They say humanity is so complex when really we are very simple.

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