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Originally Posted by DarkAztek
And that fact and myth stuff you put up there is crap. I have the National Institute of Drug and Health on my side. Marijuana IS all the shit I listed and you can read about it yourself from scientists.
Full of! Do a search on yahoo or check out any scholarly material on the subject and you will find nothing but conjecture.

It cannot be proved!!! Final! If it makes you feel better to belive in that crap then fine but I am here to tell you that marijuana has not been proven to have many adverse side effects. They simply post what they want you to hear! That's it! I am not talking about some coverup etc but look at anything controversial...such as 12-Step drinking programs...They DO NOT work (this is another analogy for the idiots) yet the government claims they do...

Both are National Institues which dictate law and reform. Stop trying to sugar coat it with some national bull because if anyone has not noticed by now the government does things the way they want them to be done and said.

"To remove liberty from will is to remove morality from one's acts"

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