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Originally Posted by DarkAztek
Yeah, alcohol and ciggs are also very dangerous... You're right. They do more harm than good. (Yes, I am aware of the idea that a little bit of wine a day is supposed to be good for your health.) However, they won't be made illegal. Wanna know why? Ciggarrettes makes up a MASSIVE amount of the US's economy. Take it away and we would lose TRILLIONS and lose hundreds of thousands of jobs. Same with alcohol. ...But you're right, all three should probably be made illegal.

And that fact and myth stuff you put up there is crap. I have the National Institute of Drug and Health on my side. Marijuana IS all the shit I listed and you can read about it yourself from scientists.

EDITED BY PH3: shut the fuck up. no more flaming in this thread. this goes to everyone =/ blah.

atleast know what ur talkin bout when u come here.. i actually have friends who have smoked weed for a very long time since 7th grade and now we are in 11th and they dont have none of the side effects u just posted.... question have u ever smoked weed? before u go tellin us bout it?

if u didn't know 1% of americans do it every week and this process also defeats long term use

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