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Originally Posted by Sakatsu
its extremely neccessary. How are you going to get by if you don't know any kanji? XD

LOL. Its like saying you won't bother to read at all. /All/ of the train stations, highways, names, companies ect ect ect use Kanji.

So its deadly important because well, people will think your a fool if you go there and don't know any kanji.

I heard it was three stories.......

Kinokuya is a all Japanese book can buy Japanese naruto manga there for five dollars and fifty cents plus tax

I own almost all the Naruto japanese manga

Mou gomen, ne.

I was suddenly busy all the sudden.

But now I'm back!

more kanji coming soon.

0.0 I will physically make love to you night and day if you could find me a way down there.

50 cents? Damn, Next time I am in Vacover or around seattle I'll be sure to check that out.
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