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Originally Posted by kidistight
Who would have died a long time ago, Kakashi wasn't a bad ninja by any means before he got his sharingan, he was just like any other jounin. In fact Kakashi shared a little with Sasuke and Naruto in his early days cocky likc Sasuke and ready for action like Naruto.

Your right, your right he knew he was facing a very powerful sharingan user, but he didn't know what kind of power he possesed until it was to late. I don't think he knew of any other way to fight Itachi, he was already faster than Kakashi. He basically put his life on the line to save the other two people, he didn't think Asuma and Kurenai could handle them without his help. Kisame had retreated back to where Itachi was so it would either be two on one (Kisame versus Asuma and Kurenai) or one three (Itachi versus everyone). Out of all the possible outcomes Kakashi did the best one, Itachi was way beyond Kurenai's level of genjutsu and he could easily predict Asuma's moves. If Kakashi wasn't close to either of them then it was a very good chance that they would have been killed, so he kept them by his side.

In that fight Gai was a better opponent for Itachi than Kakashi, for the simple fact he told them how to fight against Itachi. If one of them got killed because of Kakashi not telling them to do something in the fight then I think he would have been devastated. Gai at least gave them a fighting chance by saying look at his feet to fight him.
yea i agree with her, i mean kakashi told them to shut their eyes which can protect against shirangin but like the are the akatuski they got way more than just the shirangin.
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