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Chapter 286 discussion

Okay...So Naruto, Sakura, and Sai are off to a shaky start. Sai basically calls Sasuke a weakling and a traitor, so Sakura and Naruto get pissed. Sakura lays out Sai, and Sai doesn't even care. He tells her she should remember "fake smiles." (I have a pretty good idea what this means.) Yamato puts them all in a type of cage jutsu, and tells them they are spending the day strengthening their friendship and teamwork...So they go to a hot spring. Yamato talks about being a team...and Sai makes fun of Naruto about having a penis. Naruto pretty much calls Sai gay for talking about dicks all the time, and Sakura gets embarrassed when she hears this on the otherside of the wall. The Yamato tells Naruto a story about how Tsunade kicked Jiraiya's ass for doing something, and tells Naruto it is because Jiraiya actually did do, what Naruto was thinking about. (I have a good idea about what he's talking about here too.) Then we see Yamato muttering to himself as he stares at his ANBU mask....What are your guy's thoughts on this chapter?
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