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i had yet another love/funny dream

ok its like im in my house right, then all of a sudden i see my physics tutor there. im like dumb struck and asking him hey what are you doin here? then he says that he is my dad. WDFH. that scared the shit out of me and all of a sudden he goes in the hallways and writes all these crazy equations i cant even remember. after that i blank out and im at another place. it was like dark and rainy. i was infront of a big flat screen tv and i was playing that hand ddr thing. all of a sudden i see my gf next to me and she was smiling and holding hands with me when we were playin. she was like right infront of me and like yeah it felt like we spent the whole night together again . the physics part still freaks me out...LOL

i hate her...yet...i still miss her...
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