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Originally Posted by aruko samaki
It's called adaption, not evolution. They're both two different things. An organism evolving from say, for example, a monkey into a human is way different then a bacterial strand adapting to the medicines we have so it can survive.

Thanks for the compliment, if it was intended as one. And yes I grasp it but they're different and yet the same. I will concur that the dictionary meanings are very similar. BUT for a baby to grow into a kid into a teenager and finally into an adult, isn't evolution. All humans do it. (unless prematurely killed) For say a baby to change into a monkey would be evolution. Cause the being is completely changing into something it hasn't before. (although most evolutionists think we came from monkeys but so far we haven't gone back. )
I wouldn't have said it unless it was meant as a compliment. I don't insult people unless I think they are idiotic or immature. ;o Anyway, on a different note. You've got to think of it like this. It's not necessarily physical evolution, but in fact it is mental or emotional evolution.
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