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i think yamato's jutsu is just mastered pretty well and he nos how to use it, something like when naruto used rasangan for a twister but just like 5 times as hard probably.

ok but did any1 notice, the house is so huge and noticeable, he is an anbu and wats he thinking? showing off his skills and not doing the ninja thing, the hood guy harsh saw the huge building from his hill with the mysterious guy pose going on, with the shadow over his face and wind etc, we all no the pose by now watching so many animes.

and finally the picture was cleared up in this chapter, i thought it looked a little unrealistic, so its only an drawing, hmmm wonder is his bro dead, maybe he was trying to bring him back with a drawing, like he did to the other wolf thingys he drew, reminds me of sasori when he tried to get his parents back and made them into puppets.

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