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Originally Posted by kidistight
Bad Guy what do you think would be so hard to perform a Sasori henge, as long as you are good at it you just mimic him. It really shouldn't be that hard for the simple fact that Sasori has that cloak on. If there is reason for him to take that cloak off then it doesn't matter who is immitating him because there will be a fight.
Becuase only one person in Yamato's camp has ever seen they guy up close, and he has a big ass wooden tail. Even with his cloak and bandana over his mouth he's still a wooden puppet and I've never seen anyone henge into wood before. Even without a tail he's a puppet and has a doll head so It seems to me it would be kinda difficult to henge him. It defintely wouldn't be as easy as turning into a regular person. ITs gonna take practice to look like a wooden doll man dont you think? This is a very fragile situation, if they spy thinks something is up then the whole mission might go up in need to make a damn good "wooden scorpion in an akatsuki cloak" replica. Even if you turn into him you need to sound like your talking from under a wooden puppet dont you?

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