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Originally Posted by #1 Bad Guy
Becuase only one person in Yamato's camp has ever seen they guy up close, and he has a big ass wooden tail. Even with his cloak and bandana over his mouth he's still a wooden puppet and I've never seen anyone henge into wood before. Even without a tail he's a puppet and has a doll head so It seems to me it would be kinda difficult to henge him. It defintely wouldn't be as easy as turning into a regular person. ITs gonna take practice to look like a wooden doll man dont you think? This is a very fragile situation, if they spy thinks something is up then the whole mission might go up in need to make a damn good "wooden scorpion in an akatsuki cloak" replica. Even if you turn into him you need to sound like your talking from under a wooden puppet dont you?

Do it, write it, scroll it, and lock it up. Thats a forbidden jutsu
I guess it could be kind of hard, I just think that if Naruto was able to henge into Akamaru that someone as skilled as Yamato wouldn't have that much of a problem hengeing into Sasori. I would think that they would have pics of Sasori for people to see since he is such a dangerous person, similar to wanted posters.
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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