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Originally Posted by kidistight
What two things has Naruto mastered, his kage bushin and what the rasengan is that what you are referring to. When did we ever see Sasuke use any weapons to show us he has mastered weapons? Also do you think he actually mastered movement, it would seem like Sai or Lee have mastered movement more so than Sasuke. See now I am wondering what medical technique or genjutsu he has used, I almost don't want to ask since it is you Flare. I see I will be watching the series again starting next week after this stupid paper for school.
Thats suppose to mean something, but I am just not hitting any connections.

Sasuke did master weaponry (or mastering). His basic fighting style does use a lot of tools. Sasuke is also learning the mastery of body movement (Sharingan plus Lee movement). He is learning Katon and Chidori.

Sakura has a lot of medical jutsu and chakra control. Genjutsu too, but I have not seen it. She also notices a lot of little things, minute details.

Naruto can summon (does not even use it), create chakra balls, and create clones. He is good with henge though, I would like to see more combination. Sasuke already combines a lot of his mastering skills, Naruto rarely does.

But, I want to see the hidden dude, even if it reminds me of Kingdom Hearts.

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