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Originally Posted by flareofdragon
Thats suppose to mean something, but I am just not hitting any connections.

Sasuke did master weaponry (or mastering). His basic fighting style does use a lot of tools. Sasuke is also learning the mastery of body movement (Sharingan plus Lee movement). He is learning Katon and Chidori.

Sakura has a lot of medical jutsu and chakra control. Genjutsu too, but I have not seen it. She also notices a lot of little things, minute details.
Naruto can summon (does not even use it), create chakra balls, and create clones. He is good with henge though, I would like to see more combination.

Sasuke already combines a lot of his mastering skills, Naruto rarely does.
But, I want to see the hidden dude, even if it reminds me of Kingdom Hearts.
That's my mistake for some reason I didn't even see Sakura's name when I read your post I just automatically figured you were talking about Sasuke. I must be slipping because of this stupid paper I have do because I don't I ever would have missed that part of your statement. I know what your saying about Sakura and her aptitude with genjutsu, I remember during the chuunin finals she dispelled the genjutsu Kabuto created. Another time now that I think about it, was when Iruka tried to trick Sakura into not taking the chuunin exam. The only thing is that we have yet to see Sakura do any genjutsu, seems like against Kakashi in the second bell test she would have used some.
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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