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I'm going to take this piece by piece.
Originally Posted by DarkAztek
No, aruko. You remind me more and more of a creationist that just doesn't want to be proven wrong. Why won't I debate you? Because you're fucking wrong. That's why. Read, goddammit.
I can be proven wrong. And I will accept it. If someone here'd provide more evidence then I already know. I'm currently studying this subject in school AND through this conversation I've been doing private research. SO far no one really feels like disproving me. They just feel like putting my beliefs' down. (and at least I'm not cursing at anyone.)

Yes, Jesus Christ yes! To say that mutations do not exist is nothing more than denying and falsifying factual evidence that stares you in the face. A quick Google search proves you completely and utterly wrong!
I shouldn't need to use Google when asking someone who is all-knowing about this subject. Ahem...-_- If you're not going to debate me, don't stay here and talk. But if you're going to debate PROVIDE ME EVIDENCE. That's the only way you can disprove my own theories and or beliefs.

Amino acids have been created in labs from inorganic material and, because of the very nature and building of these amino acids, they automatically attract and work together in order to survive. It is easy to see how this proto-cell, one that has been proven to even replicate, could easily become the first single celled life form. Do your goddamn research before you make shit up. Just because the chances are slim does not make it so that ID is right or Darwinian abiogenesis is incorrect. Things with slim chances of happening occur all of the time. Look at Freud, he had certain brain functions that occur in far less than one out of a trillion people.
True. But how do we ABSOLUTELY know that the Amino acids did this back then? It's considered prehistory. We have no written record. What you said in this quote above this typing is 99% correct, cause I jsut don't give anything a 100%. Also Amino Acids have had a long time of practice and survival since then, if we're going by an evolutionist calendar. We have no idea what it could've done back then or even if it was in existance. And please don't say we have fossil record they were. The radiometric dating system is flawed, and that's the main way that scientists date things. Although I personally can't provide you evidence it is flawed, in my opinion and through MY research, it's flawed.

The formation of different skin colors is both a mutation and an adaptation. What do you think most adaptations ARE? Yeah, it happened because of the differences in climate in different areas of the world. But it is STILL a mutation to a certain degree.
Thank you! You're already semi-agreeing with ONE thing I said. Can you give me which degree it is though?

Aruko, you have NO business debating evolution when you have no idea how even the simplest of factors that make up the theory even work.
Please, don't put down my knowledge. I find it highly disrespectful and highly inappropriate to put another person down over their research and/or beliefs

P.S. I'll be waiting for when you put my name on your signature.

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