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I'm not going to bother trying to get caught up after I was gone for a few days, I'll just reply to DarkAztek. Also, what one person said really stood out and I didn't see anyone reply:

Originally Posted by Itachi God of Sharingan
no it just means that the student is smarter then the teacher because you can see the professors brain its called xray or you kill him and cut his head off the cold and darkness are meer representations of a lesser out come and our preceptions on each it is cold but that is a term passed down if i walked around saying wow it sure is a low heat day i would sound like an idiot so i win
I don't even know where to begin...
Ok, well first off, you should know that a regular old Xray won't show soft tissue (brain), so you'd be looking to get an MRI. As for killing him, that would work, but it's just a stupid idea. (Very stupid)
The rest of it? It looks like you're just trying to sound smart via stringing together big words inorder to make it sound like it makes sense. "cold and darkness are meer representations of a lesser out come" What? That makes no sense. Also, heat is engery and light is electromagnetic radiation, cold and darkness are the lack of that energy/radiation. "cold" and "dark" are words, they are used to describe the lack of heat or light (adjectives), they just aren't actual things.
You're also overconfident.

Originally Posted by DarkAztek
The theory of evolution can be tested in all of its forms. Do you know what the scientific method is?

Let us take abiogenesis for example... We have simulated in labs the formation of amino acids from non organic material. They then form together in a non random pattern (the way in which their very structure demands that they form in order to survive). From there, they have been witnessed to accumulate into simple proteins. Give or take a few BILLION years of accumulative changes and there's life. That's just one area of the theory of evolution.

Now let us test the theory that a divine being made us... Oh wait. Hmm... We can't. There is no way to observe God and there is a reason why religion is called FAITH.
True, the basics of the Theory of Evolution can be tested, because "evolution" still occurs today. I'm talking about, as you mentioned, abiogenesis and the evolution of man. And yes, I am familiar with the scientific method.

It's not enough to simply be able to create amino acids in as-close-to-perfect-as-possible lab conditions, it's whether or not those life-building amino acids could be created on a "primordial earth". The Miller-Urey experiment was supposed to have solved this problem, but their experiment was flawed. This isn't according to me, this is according to the current model of a primordial earth. The Miller-Urey experiment used a combination and concentration of gases different from what is now beleived to have been true. So now the theory is that the amino acids came on a comet/asteroid/meteorite.

Originally Posted by DarkAztek
Certainly. The existance of free will and omnipotence (both things that the Judeo-Christian faith teach that we have) are mutually exclusive. If he knows our decisions ahead of time then they are predetermined and we don't have "free will."
I still don't see how something is "predetermined" just because God knows it's going to happen, He just knows what choice we'll make.

Originally Posted by DarkAztek
See my posts in another thread on good and evil. They did not exist in the universe until man defined them. Heat and cold, light and darkness did.
That's one theory, I believe that good and evil have existed since God created man (or before, depending on when Satan decided he wanted God's power). We don't define "universal" good and evil, God does. We make our own laws based on what we believe to be right.

Originally Posted by DarkAztek
I was asking what the thread is supposed to be a debate about. Evolution? God? Don't we already have threads for those?
Well, Aruko says it's supposed to be about "common sense", but I don't see how that works.

Originally Posted by DarkAztek
The theory of evolution is not mutually exclusive with God. I hate when people do that. I believe in both. In a way, I believe that we were intelligently designed, but we cannot teach that in a SCIENCE class. Why? Because it doesn't follow the scientific method, does not prove any piece of evolution incorrect (it only points out certain holes that are currently in evolution), and it is not a scientific theory by the definitions given to all of those words.
As I've said before, I also believe in both God and evolution in the form of adaptation, just in a different way than you.
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