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I can be proven wrong. And I will accept it. If someone here'd provide more evidence then I already know. I'm currently studying this subject in school AND through this conversation I've been doing private research. SO far no one really feels like disproving me. They just feel like putting my beliefs' down. (and at least I'm not cursing at anyone.)
Jesus, you HAVE been. I provided you with three freaking links that refuted you. I don't care if you have a pissant class on the subject in your high school. I took 4 different college level courses, wrote 3 thesis papers, and have submitted my work as a book on the goddamn subject of evolution versus intelligent design. And I've yet to see a rule on this forum that says I cannot curse.

I shouldn't need to use Google when asking someone who is all-knowing about this subject. Ahem...-_- If you're not going to debate me, don't stay here and talk. But if you're going to debate PROVIDE ME EVIDENCE. That's the only way you can disprove my own theories and or beliefs.
I've provided you with multiple links before. All I need to do is write in "AAA: mutations" and I will get a zillion resources that prove you wrong. However, for such an asinine topic as this one, I don't feel that I should waste my time having to do so. But here.

If you really still think you're right, then go to that alone. Jesus on a stick! Mutations occur in nature all of the time. There are classic examples like the peppered moths who changed colors in a mutation adaptation to camo with their enviornment that got tampered with due to human pollution. There are pictures of deer with spots that make them look like dalmations. I myself am a mutation of a kind, for I don't even have wisdom teeth, an unnatural occurance. Read a fucking book and you'll find all of this. If you are really taking a course on the subject, than you would see how GODDAMN wrong you are.

True. But how do we ABSOLUTELY know that the Amino acids did this back then? It's considered prehistory. We have no written record. What you said in this quote above this typing is 99% correct, cause I jsut don't give anything a 100%. Also Amino Acids have had a long time of practice and survival since then, if we're going by an evolutionist calendar. We have no idea what it could've done back then or even if it was in existance. And please don't say we have fossil record they were. The radiometric dating system is flawed, and that's the main way that scientists date things. Although I personally can't provide you evidence it is flawed, in my opinion and through MY research, it's flawed.
I thought you said you took a course on this subject. Yeah, that would pretty much HAVE to happen. The most basic foundations of life are amino acids. They are what make up proteins, which make up cells, which make up all living things. Amino acids must have formed for there to be life on this planet. But at least we can test it. Tell me how we can test that a divine being created us. Please.

Tell me, no I'll use your words, PROVE to me that radiometric dating is flawed. The one example that some people have is a living clam being carbon dated to be several thousand years old. That is used by creationists ALL THE TIME and is nothing more than bullshit proven wrong. The shell itself is made from the enviornment and is built up from the rocks. It has limestone on it that can be tested to be very old. The clam itself was not.

Thank you! You're already semi-agreeing with ONE thing I said. Can you give me which degree it is though?
No, you're twisting my words for your own purposes. You claim that by living in Jordan for my whole life, despite being born white, I will be black near the end of my life. First off, no. I'll get TAN. I won't become black. Secondly, if it were true, why do black people have BLACK children? Why if a black person is in a place with little sun do they NOT change to a lighter color? And why, if I turned almost black from the sun and living in Jordan, would my children be born white?

It is for the same reason that if I were to break off my thumb, my kids would not be born thumbless. Even if they did the same and their grand kids did the same, they wouldn't be BORN thumbless. You're going by complete Lamarkian inheritance, which has been proven a number of times to be complete hogwash.

Please, don't put down my knowledge. I find it highly disrespectful and highly inappropriate to put another person down over their research and/or beliefs
But you have PROVEN TO ME that you do not know what you are doing. You freaking belive in Lamarkian inheritance!

It is debateable, yes. But the timeline in the Bible seems to be a bit more accurate, seeing everything in there is technically a written record, so that's what I base my theories of the Earth's age off of.
No, it freaking doesn't. Again, you prove to me how little you know of evolution of both the Earth and of mankind. You have NO business debating in here. The Bible says that the Earth is, at most, 10,000 years old. Bullshit! We've found rocks almost 3.9 BILLION years old. We've found SKELETONS OF ANIMALS that are billions of years old. Please tell me what you base your theories on so I can show you just how wrong you are.

Btw: The tailbone still serves a purpose in humans. It is not made to help support the weight of a person while they sit and lay down. It is also used for protection of that area.

Hey Malevolent Sasuske! Prove to me, using the scientific practices, that God exists! Prove to me that we can even test to see if God exists in any form. What's that? You can't? It's called Faith for a reason? We're debating science? Oh noesch!
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