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Originally Posted by DarkAztek
Know what else is funny? The way you avoid my responses because you cannot find the means to prove them in any way wrong.
You're partially right. Mostly cause you're obnoxious...-_-

Ah ha ha ha ha! You think that because I believe that only evolution should be taught in schools that I'd go to hell? You really think that I am some kind of atheist just for thinking the theory of Intelligent Design is completely retarded? Wow. I should have no problem looking at you the way you think I should.
I didn't know you believed that evolution should only be taught in schools and I think it is good for evolution to be taught in schools. As long as it's a fair playing field. But that's getting into one more even bigger discussion. (I believe you should be able to learn about Bibical events and evolution events all in the same school...But it doesn't happen that way.)

I believe in God. I go to Sabbath, I even eat freaking kosher. Believing in God and believing in evolution is not mutually exclusive. I've said it before and it appears, for your sake, I have to say it again. A person can believe in God and be as holy as they want, but that doesn't matter two shits in the United States school systems. Why is that? Because if you teach children in a SCIENCE CLASS that one good explaination for things that we do not know work is to just believe that God did it is both asinine and sets back the further advancement of science for that generation.
I never said you'd go to hell. And I never knew you were in any way religious. I also didn't know that being a "Sunday-Christian", or Jewish or Catholic or Mormon or whatever, makes you go to heaven. Anyways, I'm not going to start on who goes to hell and heaven. I don't know.

Just because science proves pieces of the Bible to be wrong does NOT mean that God cannot exist. I like the theory of Intelligent Design as a philosophy. Unfortunately for you, it is not a science. Science is facts. Religion is faith. I cannot deny facts of life just because my religion conflicts with it, and I should not. Nobody should. Just incorporate it and keep it separate from your religion. Use your religion to teach you morals, not that the stories inside it are some kind of literal happenings. They are made to teach you a lesson in how to behave.
And I semi do. But it doesn't help me for the fact that I don't believe all of science is well...FACT. The way my brother puts it is he believes in the Big Bang Theory. God spoke and there was a bang, as the popular idea of the Earth being created out of an explosion or implosion of sorts. I believe that too. But from Monkey-To-Man, I don't.

Call names? You're the one who said to call you a psychopath, a retard, and a monkey who lost its brain. I look at my last explaination post and guess what is one of the things I do not find: A direct insult against you. So quit it with the "I am not going to debate because you get angry" excuse to cover up for the real reason "I am not going to debate because I cannot prove this guy wrong."
I never said call names. I'm not that immature. Calling names is shit like "doo-doo-head" from the 1st grade. But you did try and put down my knowledge by directly saying I don't know anything. If you want the quote I'll be glad to find it.

Changing your mind on a particular topic should not be seen as a bad thing. In fact, you should ENJOY it when someone proves you wrong! Changing your mind is one of the best ways of figuring out if you still HAVE one. Or even that minds are like parachutes, for it doesn't matter what you pack then with so long as they open at the right time.
True, but it's not an "enjoyable" thing when someone like yourself comes into the process and at some points is nice and reasonable and the next point completely radical. No offense, that's just how you're coming off to me.

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