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palm...are your sentences directly translated from english?it's really weird to me and oh i study and use simplified chinese hahaha

for example 秋天下来深刻的孔, you said it was "Falls down deep hole" but shouldn't it be 掉进很深的 tong? [sorry i coudn't find the character for it lmao] your sentence is something about er..a season?

and 我必须很快出去, 因为我得到其它电话。 (I have to go out soon, because I'm getting another phone)

it's i must(必须) go out soon, because(因为) i(我) must go(得到) to other phone(其它电话)

o.o 对不起我一直问你这些事,因为对我来说,你的句子很怪。well sorry i keep asking you these stuff cause it's pretty weird to me lol

hahaha wo ye hen lei le, wo ye yao qu shui jiao hahhahaah

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kakashi! =D
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