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Originally Posted by palmereap
that's ok but some of that stuff is in traditional chinese i talk in simple ok and i give the english meaing of what i mean so they won't get confused to say but i give the chinese as well
来到室友螺纹, 它滑稽。读形式第二页。
(Come to the roommate thread, it's funny. Read form the second page.)
actually, i dont mean to be rude, but.....your sentences do sound strange, dont get it :P

Originally Posted by lapinky
palm...are your sentences directly translated from english?it's really weird to me and oh i study and use simplified chinese hahaha

for example 秋天下来深刻的孔, you said it was "Falls down deep hole" but shouldn't it be 掉进很深的 tong? [sorry i coudn't find the character for it lmao] your sentence is something about er..a season?

and 我必须很快出去, 因为我得到其它电话。 (I have to go out soon, because I'm getting another phone)
我必须很快出去, 因为我得到其它电话。= i must go out quickly, because i got another phone.
秋天下来深刻的孔= autumn fell into a deep hole?
"Searching for my existence..."


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