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Developers know Rev's Potential!!!!

People Who Have Touched, Used, or Seen the Controller FIRST HAND
Iwata, Miyamoto, the Reggie-lution, other Nintendo execs and employees: Love it. (why did I include this source? I dunno.)

Developers/Programmers of the World: Love it.

IGN: Loves it.
"It feels very comfortable..."
"Whatever games are on Revolution, they are basically guaranteed to provide a totally different experience. And for that, we're beaming with anticipation."

Gamespot: Loves it.
"The Nintendo DS and the new Revolution controller have shown us that, at the end of the day, Nintendo is still able to dream up some truly unorthodox ideas, as well as make them work in ways players never expected. As such, we'll be anxious to see just what kids of new experiences we'll be playing next year when the console ships." Loves it.
"At first, I was standing up and swinging my hand all around to aim - and my arms got really tired really quick. But once I sat down and relaxed, resting my hands on my legs as I would with a normal controller, everything clicked."
"...pointing it to aim felt perfectly natural, right from the very first second, just like with a light gun. It always shot exactly where it felt like I was aiming, and was incredibly responsive to even slight wrist movements..."
"As odd as it may look holding the two separate controller pieces, one in each hand, looking around felt incredibly natural, even more than my preferred PC-style keyboard-and-mouse setup."

Kotaku: Loves it.
"I touched the new Nintendo controller that was in Iwata-san's pocket. The presentation really didn't do justice to the controller's sleek goodness. Nintendo's products are getting more and more beautiful."
"The new N controller was exceptionally light and felt comfortable to the touch."
"I've got some real hopes pinned on this machine - innovative titles, gameplay, you name it. Can't wait.

Peter Moore: Gives kudos to Nintendo.
Famous For: Microsoft's Xbox Vice President
"I want to give kudos for Nintendo for its attempt at innovation with the new controller," Moore commented, saying that the new device would -"bring people in that, as Iwata-san said, are either lapsed gamers or gamers that are intimidated by the complexity of the controller.""

Hironobu Sakaguchi: Loves it.
Famous For: Final Fantasy, Chrono series, Mana series, Kingdom Hearts
"When I first saw it, I thought 'It's great!' and 'It's just like Nintendo!' It makes you feel like you're actually touching the screen."
"When shown such a new concept, software makers are, even as just normal people, left excited."

Hideo Kojima: Loves it.
Famous For: Metal Gear series, Zone of Enders
"If the game creators and the users want to have a great steak for their anniversary, they go maybe to PS3. But if they want great dinner, great steak with their family, a little bit more casual during the weekends, they might select Xbox 360. Or why not have a great steak at your house everyday, they might choose Revolution."

Masahiro Sakurai: Optimistic.
Famous For: Kirby, Smash Bros., Meteos
"I'm sympathetic for Nintendo's stance of reducing hurdles for games. For that reason, I think it's good that the controller buttons have been reduced to just one. A long remote controller shape with just one button. This has impact. The DS, with its touch screen, made games a ways easier to understand."

Peter Molyneux: Loves it.
Famous For: Black & White, Fable
"There is a line at the end of the book 'Game Over' and it is: 'Never underestimate Nintendo'"

Yuji Naka: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star Online
"I have seen the Revolution and I think everyone will be very pleasantly surprised, when Nintendo reveals everything."
Also note that Nintendo has commented on Yuji Naka liking the controller 'quite a bit', and the fact that there has been a steady flow of 'Yuji Naka's interested in the Revolution' news posts for the past few months.

Will Wright: Very Interested.
Famous For: Sims series (Sims, SimCity)
""I'm really interested in the Revolution," he said, "to see how the controller works out. That looks pretty cool. It looks very interesting to me. I like the idea of taking the games more outside the box and more into that close-body kind of space.""

Nolan Bushnell: Really Loves it.
Famous For: The Father of Videogames, Pong, Atari
"In 1982, he tells us, there were 44 million gamers. Today, there are 18 million. Where'd they all go? "Complexity lost the casual gamer," he says. "Violence lost the woman gamer." He ventures into Nintendo territory, even slamming the PS2 controller. "The 3D controller that Nintendo is on to is a very good idea," he says. "If you look at today's controller with triangles, Xs, squares and circles, it's scary. It's like a keyboard. People are interface phobic.""

Ken Sugimori: Loves it.
Famous For: Pokemon
""You'll be able to do things with the Revolution that you could never do with consoles before," he says, adding with a laugh, "Personally, it's the kind of hardware where, more than making games, I'd rather play them.""

Kouichi Suda: Developing for it and/or Loves it.
Famous For: Killer 7
""In truth, I have yet to get my hands on Revolution," Suda admits, but adds that he expects to get some hands on time shortly. Once he saw the controller at the product announcement, he felt that there was no choice but to make games for it. "I've already finalized a plan. Now, all that remains is to make it." Judging by Suda's comments, we can probably add Grass Hopper to the list of Revolution developers."

Toshihiro Nagoshi: Loves it.
Famous For: Super Monkey Ball, F-Zero GX
""I was surprised when I saw it, I was surprised when I touched it, and when I played the sample games, I was even more surprised!" Nagoshi states. "I doubt that there's a creator who doesn't get tickled after getting their hands on this. It combines all the elements required to let you enjoy games while feeling that you've become the character.""

Yasuhiro Wada: Loves it.
Famous For: Harvest Moon
"Wada was at first taken back by the controller. He found it to be small and nicely designed, but as a controller, it crossed the bounds of his understanding. Once he got his hands on it, he suddenly got the idea and felt that it would work. This is similar to how he felt with the DS -- the feeling of various ideas appearing one after the other. "As a creator, this is the ultimate toy,""

Takanobu Terada: Pleasantly surprised.
Famous For: Super Robot Wars
"To be honest, I was expecting the Revolution controller to have an even more unique form, so I was initially disappointed. However, that quickly disappeared. With good use of the expansion terminal, isn't it possible to make, for instance, a versus shooting game without the use of the monitor, where the fight is through the controller alone? I feel that it is a great controller that can inspire many ideas, even aside from videogames."

Hiroshi Tanibuchi: Loves it. Tells us we won't understand until we try it ourselves.
Famous For: Powerful Pro Baseball
"In truth -- and this is just between us -- I was able to get my hands on the controller. The on-screen characters move in accordance with the controller's movements -- it's such a fresh feeling. Although you probably won't understand until you've tried it yourself."
"On the topic of Japan's favorite baseball series, he suggests good things for a possible GameCube version: "If we were to make it, we'd want to make a special Power Pro for the Revolution.""

Kouichi Ishii: Optimistic.
Famous For: Mana Series, Final Fantasy II-V
"I believe creators will enjoy making games [with the controller]. However, you'll have to change game design methods from the core. For instance, you'll have to start by looking back at your play as a kid and think of what kinds of things you could do if developing for the Revolution. If you can do this, then surely you will be able to make a completely new form of play, different from current games."

Michel Ancel: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil
"I feel just like a child with a new toy, opening millions of new doors of possibilities. More than an improvement, this way of playing is creating a new dimension. It's simple, when Nintendo unveils its hardware, every member of the team starts imagining crazy ideas. It's opening their minds. The fact of adding 3D gestures as the way of communicating with the game is just the perfect kind of innovation that can bring new games to new gamers. To me, it can bring the consoles what the mouse brought to the PC at it time. It's a 3D pointer with rotation information! Now, you're going to handle virtual objects, make recognition signs. It's closer to the way we act in real world, that's why it's going to be mass market. I'm sure that people will go crazy given the ability to interact so easily with virtual worlds. I'm just mad about it!"

Eric Chahi: Loves it.
Famous For: Another World
"[The thing that most excites me about the next-gen is] Nintendo Revolution's spatial interface, because interface is the communications bottleneck between player and program. Any improvement in this direction is better than drawing an extra zillion polygons."

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