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Funcom: Loves it.
Famous For: Anarchy Online
"...Nintendo proving that "next-gen" doesn't have to be just "this-gen" with more polygons and prettier textures, and for having the guts to try something truly revolutionary with the Revolution. I'm looking forward to the 360 and the PS3 as much as anyone, but I have to admit to a certain degree of "generation fatigue" before the next one's even started."
"Seeing the Revolution remote changed all of that, and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it. Even if it ends up being a Nintendo-only supported gimmick, it's well worth it. Waving my hand around to make Mario run? I'm so there."

Sega: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Super Monkey Ball
"SEGA has announced plans to show strong support for Nintendo's next-gen Revolution console, confirming that classic titles are more than likely to make an appearance on the platform."
"It's all about entertainment rather than trying to be controversial or anything like that. It's pure, good old-fashioned entertainment."
"We're very excited about the prospects of Revolution"
"We're very interested in Revolution at the moment. We obviously haven't made any announcements, but we, like other people, are talking with Nintendo about what Revolution will be, about potential opportunities on Revolution."

EA: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Madden NFL, FIFA NHL, NBA Live, NASCAR
"Game control is essential - it's the area where perhaps the most game-play improvement can be made"
"...I think our sports titles might be the first to immediately take advantage of what this novel 'freehand' type of control has to offer."
"It's a brilliant controller, and as usual we can credit Nintendo with being innovative and neat and fresh and fun. They continue to pioneer in our industry" hey make some of the best games in the industry" nd we look forward to partnering with them."

Konami: Developing for it.
Famous For: Castlevania series, Metal Gear series, Suikoden series, Ganbare Goemon series, Contra series, Gradius, Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Drummania
"Konami has said that it has an original title in development for the Revolution. When Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series saw the Revolution controller for the first time he said, ""You've done it! Even though it was a surprise to me at first, I quickly understood how it should be used. This is exactly what I was looking for.""

Radical Entertainment: Loves it.
Famous For: Crash Tag Team Racing, Simpsons: Hit & Run
"[The] Revolution controller = casual gamer paradise. A lot of people are really intimidated by buttons. Console controllers are scary things that make you look dumb if you don't know which button to press. I remember my frustration at switching from Nintendo to Sony and having to look for the Triangle button, Circle button, etc in Parappa the Rapper and it took time and dedication to feel comfortable with the controller. My wife is not a gamer, heck she doesn't even use the TV remote proficiently, preferring to use the numbers instead of the channel up and down keys. I think Nintendo have been watching the people who put down the controller too quickly and the people who play with their tongues out and tilt their controllers to get that extra bit of corning control. Revolution means people can have fun more immediately and we can hook them on that fun without the time and dedication needed to learn how to use a traditional controller."

SUN Microsystems: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Java, OpenOffice, Solaris
"This is why I love Nintendo. Just when people think that innovation is dead and game design/implementation is becoming a barren wasteland, the House of Mario does something so off the wall that people stand up and take notice."

Ubisoft: Loves it, Developing for it.
Famous For: Splinter Cell, Beyond Good & Evil, Rayman, Prince of Persia, Myst
"We're excited about the new controller and are looking forward to taking advantage of its innovative aspects."
"Ubisoft might have another game in the works for the Revolution. While we don't have many details yet, the game is said to be a "Doom-clone" that will be revealed by next E3."

Activision: Really Loves it.
Famous For: Doom 3, Call of Duty, Quake
"What we're seeing from this controller is the same thing we saw with Nintendo DS. It's a system that's designed with an eye on enticing new players to the video game industry, and that's something we firmly support."

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