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I believe in Jesus but WE lost our way in life, not Jesus.

We have too many perverts, wierdos, druggies, sexual assaults, violent videogames, bad music (not just rap, some rock too!) gangs, bad parenting, teen sex, demonic cults and athiest.

Most people don't believe in Jesus now because we have so much bad stuff happen to us and we think Jesus doesn't care about us. We need to change our ways and maybe we won't be such an athiest community.

Our shows have Demons, no morality and lude conduct. No wonder we have such a corrupted nation!

Did you know the most looked up word at is. It is the most looked up word!!! Know what it is?

Integrity!!! It is sad that we don't know what integrity is!!! We have all these cheating people, robbers, perverts, killers, stalkers, and bad politicians. Even our politicians can't be looked up too because they act to corrupted.

What happened to Typhoon_4434?
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