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Originally Posted by colini
ppfff.. I agree with Ridicule.. Whats all the FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..
sometimes drugs are good for medical purpouses.. Like medical weed and stuff..

If people wanna take drugs let them.. Its their choice, let them fuck their life up..
(Im talkin about hard drugs)

and there's nothin wrong with soft drugs..
I`m agree.Actually , drugs is used widely in medical treatment .Every drugs has adverse effect to body.It`s bad when you use it for your own plesure and become addictive.It` s waste of money.
That`s true that it is their own choice but we have to remember that one of the way of taking drug is by sharing needle of injection.This is the way disease like AIDS spread.And the innocent person just can get infected too through blood transfusion .
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