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-Best fight scenes overall
Orochimaru VS Sarutobi
Kankurou VS Sakon/Ukon

-Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother and together (against a villan)
Naruto VS Sasuke @ The Valley of the End
Naruto and Sasuke VS Haku

-Best Naru/Hinata moments
When Hinata made Naruto lunch and the food looked like Naruto (filler)

-Best Naru/Sakura moments
When Naruto promised to bring Sasuke back before he left

-Coolest jutsu (and by whom)
Edo Tensei- Orochimaru-sama

-Most vicious Villan (try to differ on this one from the other posters)
Momochi Zabuza -sliced through a dead Haku to get to Kakashi

-Coolest Hero

-Favorite genin

My own:
Best Assistant: Kabuto
Best Dressed: Momochi Zabuza
Best Sensei: Jaraiya
Saddest Moment: When Naruto and Sasuke turned into little kids inside that ball during their last fight.
Best Kenoichi: Temari
Biggest Suprise: Zetsu appearing after the valley of the end fight

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