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Best fight scene - The Sannin Fight and Gaara Vs. Kimimaro
-Naru/sasuke fight against and together - The Valley of the End Fight
-Best Naru/Hinata moments - When Naruto cheered Hinata on
-Best Naru/Sakura moments - When Naruto Henged in to Sasuke and almost kissed Sakura but he had the runs.

-Coolest jutsu (and by whom)- Sexy no jutsu and that bone jutsu that Kimizilla I mean Kimimaro had
-Most vicious Villan - Orochimaru-sama (he's just a bastard) and Itachi-san (JUst because I love the elder Uchiha)
-Coolest Hero - Iruka-sensei
-Favorite genin - Shino

One of my own

- Sexiest Ninja - Orochimaru-sama
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