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Originally Posted by sabakunoGaara
Till now what have we seen:

1) Ichigo looks identical to Shiba Kaien (with the exception of hair colour and eyes too i think)

2) His power and will is the same as Kaiens (Byakuya mentioned it when he Ichigo was able to slash him in their last fight, he said that like Kaien, ichigo was fighting the soul society law not him. Also that ichigo broke his sword by his strong will or something like that, just like kaien)

3) I think by now everyone should agree that Urahara knows the Kuukaku seeing that yorouichi and kuukaku and himself have some kind of bond. Urahara was the one who knew about Isshin being a shinigami and seems to know him well, and he knows kuukaku well, so maybe this means that he knows them becoz somehow they are related.

4) the fact that Isshin is a shinigami means that they belong to a spiritual family like kaien and kuukaku and ganju.

So really ive always thought that somehow they are related. not to forget the feeling rukia has for ichigo which really seems similar to that she felt for kaien.
Any thought on this topic? Are the Kurosaki's related to the Shiba family?
Okay, here we go again.

1 - We haven't been given an explanation for that just yet, so this question is open to speculation.

2 - I don't recall this part, but I remember Byakuya only said he'd used that other version of Senbonzakura on another person. I don't think he named who that was, and I don't think he said that Kaien had fought the law like Ichigo. He just observed that Ichigo had fought the law, not him. This is open to speculation as well, but I don't recall it being called out as Kaien directly.

3 - Perhaps, if only because the Shiba have a bit of a reputation. But as we know, Uruhara used to be a captain, and we saw that Isshin has the symbol of Vice-Captains. That doen't mean that the Kurosaki and the Shiba are connected. For all we know, Isshin and Uruhara could have been captain and vice-captain. Once again, open for speculation

4 - Not nessecarrily. Any being with high spiritual pressure can become a shinigami. For instance, Hitsugaya wasn't in any noble family. But his high spiritual pressure allowed him to become a shinigami. Add to that, that he technically had to go to the academy. However, keep in mind we only know three of the spiritual Noble Families: Shihouin, Kuchiki, and Shiba. The Kurosaki could be an old Noble Family itself.

And that's how I think it is. However, I do make mistakes fairly often, so, we'll have to see how this turns out.

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