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Originally Posted by sabakunoGaara
1 - We haven't been given an explanation for that just yet, so this question is open to speculation
We havent been given an explanation to why they have the same looks and everything, but really whats the first reason that some to your mind lol?

2 - I don't recall this part, but I remember Byakuya only said he'd used that other version of Senbonzakura on another person. I don't think he named who that was, and I don't think he said that Kaien had fought the law like Ichigo. He just observed that Ichigo had fought the law, not him. This is open to speculation as well, but I don't recall it being called out as Kaien directly.
lol this is going to be long. Ok this is from the manga chapter 167.
Ichigo: "I would definately fight that code"
Byakuya: [thinking] I see now. sees Kaien. The child's enemy from the beginning was not me. From the beginning he has been fighting the code of soul society. so similar to the man whose spirit was so free it was bothersome.
[saying out loud] Byakuya: "Kurosaki sword has been broken bu your spirit of freedom"
sees Kaien again.

lol maybe everyone sees it their own way, but really, was just very obvious to me as him remebering Kaien and the similarities between them. I guess Kaien actually also fought the law of soul society or was against some of them. That could also be the reason why Byakuya hates Kaien so much, or thats what it shows in the anime when that episode where Byakuya fights Ganju and he realises he is from the Shiba family and says: "You are from the Shiba family, then I should have killed you" I think Byakuya thinks that Ichigo is a lot like Kaien. You have to admit its a bit

3 - Perhaps. But as we know, Uruhara used to be a captain, and we saw that Isshin has the symbol of Vice-Captains. That doen't mean that the Kurosaki and the Shiba are connected. For all we know, Isshin and Uruhara could have been captain and vice-captain. Once again, open for speculation
This is the weakest part in my theory. But if it was actually true (big IF) then this might actually be an important point. Im just trying to point out every possible thing which could indicate a relation

4 - Not nessecarrily. Any being with high spiritual pressure can become a shinigami. For instance, Hitsugaya wasn't in any noble family. But his high spiritual pressure allowed him to become a shinigami. Add to that, that he technically had to go to the academy. However, keep in mind we only know three of the spiritual Noble Families: Shihouin, Kuchiki, and Shiba. The Kurosaki could be an old Noble Family itself.
lol and thats my point.They don't have to be a noble family, but the fact that they do have spiritual powers in the family and that father was a shinigami, they might have actually be linked somehow to any other family in soul society. plus i doubt that kurosaki was a noble family, becoz if ichigo's name was known in soul society as Kurosaki Ichigo, and everyone was amazed at his power, I think SOMEONE would have recognised the name. My guess is that the name was changed when they moved My point is, their family is spiritual and it is possible that they are related to the Shiba's who are another spiritual family. Just a though lol

I cant even read wat I wrote down now. Good luck being able to understand it lol. I tried my best
Regarding the first one what really came to mind is yes they look alike, but since I have gone through and still am active with Naruto looks no longer hold any significance to me until I am told other wise.

Regarding point number 2 it is on page 10 of chapter 167 it doesn't say anything it just shows Ichigo saying he would fight the law and then a flashback of Kaien. Unfortunately in the one flashback we did get of Kaien he didn't seem like the type of person to go against laws, he often led the squad when the captain was sick or did any other duties that the captain was unable to do. As of right now in the anime we have no reason to believe that Kaien was disobedient or that he went against SS. This is also going to cause a problem in regards to translation I just looked online regarding the manga:
and the translation is different.
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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