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Originally Posted by kidistight
The episode is 41 - Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia it happens pretty late in the episode around the 17 minute mark if you are in a hurry.
Captain Ukitake Jyuushiro: Byakuya...who is that?
Captain Kuchiki Byakuya: No relation.
Captain Kuchiki Byakuya: At least, not to the man who just flashed through your mind, my senior.

He could be remembering Kaien because they look so much alike, which isn't really a stretch often times I think of someone else when talking to someone that looks like them. Unfortunately since neither one of us knows japanes we won't know for certain, we would need an unedited version to try and translate.
yes thats the part I was talking about. So it just shows that Utikate did recognise the similarity in their looks. thats all im trying to say lol. thank u for getting the episode

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