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-Best fight scenes overall- When Sakura and Chiyo fighting Saosori
-Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother and together (against a villan)-Haku
-Best Naru/Hinata moments- When Naruto returns and when he notices Hinata hiding behind the fence
-Best Naru/Sakura moments-when naruto promises sakura he will get saskue back when he was in the hospital after fighting the sound 5

-Coolest jutsu (and by whom)-
Either Kankuro;s Kuro Higikiki Ippastsu(black secert technique, first strike) or Saosori's Aka Higi: Hyakki No Souen(secret red technique, hundred manipulation
-Most vicious Villan- (try to differ on this one from the other posters)-Orochimaru
-Coolest Hero-Jirayia
-Favorite genin-Kankuro
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