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Originally Posted by kidistight
No problem it is my specialty, who was even disputing that they didn't look alike because except for the hair color they are spiting images of each other. Well also the attitude we are meant to perceieve for Kaien is also different.
lol maybe I understood it wrong but:

Originally Posted by KyoichiKanami
Well yes, but that's never truly a safe way to go unless more than one character notes their similarities. If we based all characters connections on appearance, Ukitake and Byakuya would be father and son, and Grim Jaw and Hitsugaya would be brothers :/
Isnt that what he (or she) is trying to say? That we need more than 2 character to say that they look the same? Anyway both ways, whether its obvious or not, there were indications to their similarities so they DO look like each other

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