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Originally Posted by SilentShadow
Gonna be original and say Kimi, cause his bloodline makes him near unstoppable, he can rejuvanate any bone in his body whenever he wants, making it impossible as hell to seriously injure him, let alone kill him. Throw in the fact he can use his bones as weapons, make them harder as steel, and sharp as a laser, plus the 5 Kayuga dances, and you have probably the strongest ninja that lived. And before any of ya'll ask why he doesn't attack Orochimaru, it's because he has been controlled (so to say) by him and the curse seal. And don't even get me started on him and his curse seal, he has one, but he never uses it against Rock + Gaara, mainly cause of his sickness, but they had a tough time fighting without using the seal.
Spoiler He did, he used level two. you got a lot of spoilers in there, make them in white text so the anime watchers don't see it.

Anywho, I agree with everyone else, Itachi would kick his ass.

Originally Posted by Gallean
Is it possible that when Orochimaru said "Itachi is too strong" (I doubt he actually said specifically that he CAN'T defeat Itachi...maybe I have to watch the episode again....), Orochimaru meant that he can't defeat Itachi's mind and will if he tried possessing his body- but that doesn't necessarily mean Orochimaru can't KILL Itachi, merely that he can't possess his body by force.
Some guy on another forum translated what Orochimaru said in that chapter himself. What he got was that Orochimaru said that 'He was for my jutsu to strong.' Which means that Itachi was too strong to for Orochimaru to use his body switch jutsu, not that Itachi was stronger than him. That would make a lot more sense.

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