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Chapter 210 Discussion (Spoilers)

I am not trying to make the rules or anything, but I think it would be better if we stated the chapter in the title so that people do know it is out. I believe that is how they are doing it over on the Naruto side and it seemed to work pretty good, then we can just sticky the new thread.

Here is a link to the chapter this week because it is in fact out:
Thank Julioc for it.


pretty short but good chapter, seems like the arrancors might have bitten off more than they could handle and paid dearly for it. I do find it interesting that two sub captains call out there zanpaktou the same way. Then again renji doesn't even need to call his out anymore it just does it, so I guess only one does it. I am curious as someone else pointed out in another thread about the 1 o'clock thing, they were frantically running around like Cinderella at 12 o'clock. I think that there transformations are for a limited time and that after 1 o'clock they get a whole lot weaker and perhaps even turn into there normal hollow self.
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You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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