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Originally Posted by sabakunoGaara
Me too, but who cares if it came out it came lol.
Yeah I was also surprised that Rangiku said "howl" I was like thats renji's! Maybe its a translation thing but then again Renji does says "Howl" in Japanese, so don't know how thats possible lol. Its just strange I thought every single one of them was unique. Could have ran out of words.
And yeah whats up with this 1 o'clock thing?


But I agree, maybe the way Aizens uses it, they turn back to normal hollows (or normal shinigami's maybe) by 1.
I don't know if they would turn into normal deathgod's since they technically are hollows given deathgod's powers, so they should revert back to there normal self. I wonder if this is one of the effects of them being weaker than the 1-10 arrancer's or if they all have this problem. I guess when we see Ichigo's fight hopefully next week we will be able to tell. Regarding the two vice captains saying the same word I think that they can really say whatever they want to symbolize it coming out, heck Ichigo doesn't say anything really he just transforms it into his bankai. Also yeah I heard there might not be a chapter then I heard there might be, but if I find $100 on the ground I am not going leave it there. :-)
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

I got rid of my teeth at a young age because... I'm straight. Teeth are for gay people. That's why fairies come and get them.


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