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Originally Posted by kidistight
I am not trying to make the rules or anything, but I think it would be better if we stated the chapter in the title so that people do know it is out. I believe that is how they are doing it over on the Naruto side and it seemed to work pretty good, then we can just sticky the new thread.
this way is better.

good chapter, like we predicted, they beat the arrancar very easly, and i think is a time limit, the 11--- had a time limit, is a pretty good theory, they returning to hollow again. The espadas (1-10) i dont think they have that time limit, thats why they dont put the espada (sixth espada that ichigo is fighting) in a picture escaping. the next chapter we are going to see ichigo and his bankai fighting the sixth espada, is time to see ichigo get beaten. hehehe
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