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Best fight scene:Gaara and Kimilimaro.
Best fight scene for Naruto and Sasuke together:With Aoi sencei.
Best Naruto/Sakura moment: In 56 episode.
Coolest jutsu:Jutsu of Neiji with his biakugan.
Most vicious villain: When U4uxa Itachi kill his clan.
Coolest hero: Neiji, becouse i like his type of battle Hyuuga (episode 116-117) where hi fight with arachnid.
Favorite genin: Neiji becouse he is one fight with arachnid OoO.
Favorite Hin/Nar moment: (46-47 episode).
Coolest child not from Konoha: Gaara. It is super fighter as mage.

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