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Best fight scenes overall: Gaara vs. Kimimaro
Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother and together (against a villan): When they fought Zabuza, with the Shadow Windmill Shuriken-thing
Best Naru/Hinata moments: When Naruto was rooting for Hinata when she fought Neji during the Chuunin exams, and she realized that she had to find her own path of the ninja and stuff like that...
Best Naru/Sakura moments: When Naruto en Konohamaru say something like 'I wonder if she even is a girl' and Sakura goes bonkers (after this Konohamaru bumps into Kankurou)

Coolest jutsu (and by whom): Ryuusa Bakuryuu (Sand Avalange) by Gaara
Most vicious Villan (try to differ on this one from the other posters): Uchiha Itachi
Coolest Hero: 3rd Hokage, he just putted everything he's got to protect the village, heroism. After timeskip it would be Gaara or Naruto [spoiler]Gaara for protecting his village and sacrificing himself, Naruto for the emo[/spoiler]
Favorite genin: Gaara
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