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god of the moon is an unknown quantity at this point
-Best fight scenes overall-naruto v gaara (with the gama bunten and gaaras demon or when the 3 hokages fight
-Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother and together vs zabuza and there fight at the end
-Best Naru/Hinata moments-when he tells her to never quit
-Best Naru/Sakura moments when she stops the rasengan and chidori

-Coolest jutsu yondaimes yellow flash or sommat
-Most vicious Villan-ori
-Coolest Hero-lee fokin lee when he fights kimmimaru
-Favorite genin-neji cuz he fokin rules
my own
fav character-yondamie
least fav characert-ino
best song-Ima Made Nando Mo
coolest moment-when akuski talk like in electronic voises coollll

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